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We are proud to be the
1st Commercial Bean Sprouter in the

​Southeastern U.S.

Vegetarian Hamburger, Grilled TOFU and other soy items. Furthermore, we package a variety of grains, specialty vegetables, and rare fruits. Our website will allow you to learn about the products we produce, including a listing of many of the retailers that carry our products. It will provide you with some absolutely delicious recipes and give you the opportunity to contact us!

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Specialty is our middle
name. New and exciting
products are our priority!

Healthy eating is a way

of life at Marjon®

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Marjon® offers a variety

of ready cut produce!

We are proud to manufacture and produce Mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts and a variety of other specialty sprouts. We also manufacture fresh "Cafe World Tour" salad dressings, fresh ginger stir-fry sauce, TOFU, TOFU Crumbles 

Since 1972

Soy & Tofu

Marjon® produces fresh
tofu, tofu crumbles, grilled tofu, edamame & more!
​Our Products are Certified Organic.

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