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Welcome to Marjon® Specialty Foods, Inc. We are proud to manufacture and produce bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and a variety of other specialty sprouts. We also manufacture fresh "Cafe World Tour" salad dressings, fresh ginger stir-fry sauce, TOFU, TOFU Crumbles Vegetarian Hamburger, Grilled TOFU and other soy items. Furthermore, we package a variety of grains, specialty vegetables, and rare fruits. Our website will allow you to learn about the products we produce, including a listing of many of the retailers that carry our products. It will provide you with some absolutely delicious recipes and give you the opportunity to contact us!

The Miller's desire to enter the sprout business began with a trip to California where Marcia Miller found bean sprouts available at produce markets. Later, she learned that she would have to grow her own if she wanted to continue enjoying the health food because they were not available in Florida grocery stores. Relying on a little creative thinking, Marcia started growing the sprouts under her sink. After asking a produce buyer about the future availability of bean sprouts, she learned that the stores were about to import the sprouts.

Quickly, Marcia moved her crop up to a larger scale and began growing them in her bathtub. Thus began a half-year of testing sprout growth patterns. Today, the sprouts are grown in futuristic revolving drums and stationary bins. Sophisticated systems control climate, light, and darkness according to the unique needs of the different types of sprouts, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and the like. John Miller is the mastermind who engineers the growing and packing systems and Marcia develops the recipes for their products and designs the packaging. By 1972 the Millers were in business and became the first to sell bean sprouts to Florida grocery stores. Marjon® handles everything from rare fruits and vegetables to a line of salad dressings and sauces called "Cafe World Tour". The desire to branch out into other areas of specialty foods is a continuing priority at Marjon®!

Please visit our Products and Food Service pages for more detailed information on our wide range of specialty fruits, vegetables and food service items. Or for a quick view of our complete product listings please choose our Marjon® Food Service Products List or Marjon® Retail Products List.


John and Marcia Miller

The Marjon Team

John and Marcia are proud of the “Marjon Team”, and we are pleased to introduce you to our talented staff members.

Bettye Holley – Office Manager and Comptroller
Bettye serves as office manager and company comptroller since 1987. Bettye does not believe in clocks and many times has to be told to go home. She spends many weekends here as a dedicated Marjon employee. Along with her being a “workaholic”, Bettye has a great sense of humor and works to keep a positive and cheerful attitude in the office.
Bettye Holley

Lisa Minnes – Office Manager and Director of Sales & Purchasing
Lisa is the daughter of our Controller, Bettye Holley.  She brings to Marjon over 25  years of Sales, Purchasing and Accounting experience.  She is our Office Manager and also the Director of Sales and Purchasing at Marjon.  Lisa loves gardening, knitting, quilting, cooking, adores her pets and spending time with her grandchildren and family.

Lisa Minnes
Martha Clingenpeel – Operations Manager
Martha is overall production and shipping departments. She has had extensive hands-on experience in each department, and has been on the Marjon team since 1992. Martha enjoys boating and spending time with her children and grandchildren.
Martha Clingenpeel
April Miller/Baker – Executive Asst. & Organic Specialist
April is Marcia and John’s youngest daughter. She works in the office as Organic Certification Manager and Safety Training Instructor. She assists the operations manager as well as her mother and father with computer graphics and troubleshooting. The joys of April’s life are her two sons, Lyle and Samuel.
April Miller
Sheila Strawser – Purchasing
Shelia has been with Marjon since 1985. She has worn many hats in the different departments and has filled needs wherever she has been asked. Sheila works closely with the sprout department in determining the number of quantities needed for harvesting. Sheila buys our dry goods and packing needs for all the departments. Sheila and her husband Rob like traveling and riding their motorcycle.
Sheila Strawser
Jo Miller – Human Resources/Payroll
Jo, John’s sister, wears many hats here at Marjon. She was with us in the beginning, working in the office and driving a truck. Joe moved out of the state for awhile and returned in 1985 to help grow the business. She enjoys family, church, knitting and reading.
Jo Miller
Diane Adams – (Wife of John Adams) – Accounts Receivable
Diane has worked at Marjon since 1993. Starting in the Pre-Cut department, in 2001, and opportunity came up in the office and Diane said she would like to try the position. Since then, she has been helping with accounts receivable, answering the phones and customer service. Diane enjoys her church activities and cooking for her husband.
Diane Adams
John Heistand – Sales
John has been with Marjon since 2001 and has had over 30 years experience in the retail, grocery and produce business. Jon is daily direct communication with our buyers. When not in the office at Marjon, John is usually donating his time and energy to his church.
John Heistand
Mike Fisher – Buyer
Mike started at Marjon in April 2004 and sometimes travels with the Millers in search of new and exciting produce items and keeps constant contact with our growers, farmers and seed suppliers. Mike and his wife Alina enjoy weekends attending his son’s sports activities and watching sporting events.
Mike Fisher
Don Clingenpeel – Shipping/Logistics Manager
Don joined Marjon January 2005 and makes sure that all the orders received from sales will be placed on the right truck, with the right driver, to the right destination, at the right time and at the right temperature. Sounds easy to me, HA! Don enjoys building radio controlled cars and racing in his spare moments. Don is Martha’s (operations manager’s) husband and this works very well here at Marjon. We have quite a few family groups working together.
Don Clingenpeel
Mitch Hicks – Pallet and Shipping Supervisor
Mitch has worked at Marjon since 1991 and has been involved in warehouse and cooler logistics. Mitch now supervises the pallet department, and helps shipping. He enjoys air-boating, fishing, camping and radio controlled car racing.
Mitch Hicks
John Adams (Husband of Diane Adams) – Shipping Supervisor
One of our husband and wife teams here at Marjon. John is shipping supervisor helping all out trucks get loaded and go in all different directions. His wife Diane works in the office, but they get to see each other often. Isn’t that sweet? John enjoys watching sports on TV and going to movies.
John Adams
Charles (Tom) Gentry – Maintenance Supervisor
Tom started in August, 2006. He quickly earned his supervisor position by the experience and knowledge he brought with him. Tom enjoys riding his Harley motorcycle and peaceful evenings at home with his wife.
Tom Gentry

Sharon Hazen – Tofu Supervisor
Sharon has been at Marjon since 1983. We consider Sharon our “Tofu Master”. Marjon makes a full line of tofu products – like Tofu – soft, firm and extra firm, grilled tofus, and Tofu Crumbles vegetarian hamburger. We are proud of our handmade tofu in the tradition of the ancient small tofu shops.

Sharon Hazen

Bryan Johnson – Sprout Production
Bryan joined the Marjon team February 2005 and works in the sprout production departments. He has a keen eye for detail; and works well with other team members. Bryan has an unusual hobby of horse hair weaving and braiding. He created a horse hair halter and entered it into the Strawberry Festival. He won Championship in his division.

Bryan Johnson
Kevin Smith – Sprout Production Supervisor
Kevin started with Marjon in February 2003. He supervises the sprout production department. He takes pride in his work and is consistently looking for ways to improve the sprouting procedures. His enthusiasm and dedication make him a valuable member of the team. On his time off, Kevin enjoys fishing.
Kevin Smith
Luisa Vargas – Pre-Cut Supervisor
Luisa started at Marjon January 2001 and has great efficiency skills. She supervises our Pre-Cut department and salad dressing – Café World Tour line and assists in Tofu production. Luisa has 2 children and enjoys movies and family activities.
Luisa Vargas

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