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Marjon Product Locations

Find Marjon® Products at a Store Near You!Find Marjon® products near you!

Marjon® products can be found at a large number of major retailers and grocers in the southeastern United States, and in most major supermarkets in Florida. Below is a listing of many of the locations at which Marjon® Products are proudly displayed and available for you to purchase. We supply the food service companies that provide our products to theme parks, major hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants and the cruise ship lines.

Found in supermarkets throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Marjon® Products List

A comprehensive listing of every Marjon's item with product name and pack size. Please view our Products page or our Foodservice page for detailed information on individual products.

Or for a quick view of our complete product listings please choose below:

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Fleming Companies, Inc.
Food Lion, Inc.
Freedom Fresh
Harris Teeter Supermarket


D.S.O. (government)
Super Value
J H Harvey Co.


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Marjon Apple Slices
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