Since 1972

The Miller's desire to enter the sprout business began with a trip to California where Marcia Miller found bean sprouts available at produce markets. Later, she learned that she would have to grow her own if she wanted to continue enjoying the health food because they were not available in Florida grocery stores. Relying on a little creative thinking, Marcia started growing the sprouts under her sink. After asking a produce buyer about the future availability of bean sprouts, she learned that the stores were about to import the sprouts.

Quickly, Marcia moved her crop up to a larger scale and began growing them in her bathtub. Thus began a half-year of testing sprout growth patterns. Today, the sprouts are grown in futuristic revolving drums and stationary bins. Sophisticated systems control climate, light, and darkness according to the unique needs of the different types of sprouts, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and the like. John Miller is the mastermind who engineers the growing and packing systems and Marcia develops the recipes for their products and designs the packaging. By 1972 the Millers were in business and became the first to sell bean sprouts to Florida grocery stores. Marjon® handles everything from rare fruits and vegetables to a line of salad dressings and sauces called "Cafe World Tour". The desire to branch out into other areas of specialty foods is a continuing priority at Marjon®!


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Marjon® products can be found at a large number of major retailers and grocers in the southeastern United States, and in most major supermarkets in Florida. We can custom pack most all varieties of fruits and vegetables. Marjon strives to meet the individualized needs of our customers - call us for a complimentary quote!

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